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My Body My Voice

My Body My Voice is a Planned Parenthood benefit zine published in Winter 2017. It features comics and illustrations from Talya Perper, Rachel Dukes, Ellen Bae and Hannah Nance. Each piece gives insight into the benefits of Planned Parenthood and how important the right to free healthcare is to all women across the country. We published this zine as a direct fuck you to the GOP and everyone who wants to take these rights away.


Save the Bees

Save the Bees is an anthology zine published in Winter 2017. Featuring comics, collages and illustrations from Stolen Chapstick, Miles Honey, Rose Feduk, Raul Higuera, Aaron Pretty, Coco Spencer, Styles Munson, Sendy Santamaria, GOTE, Hatepaste and Amelia Rose, each piece aims at teaching and communicating the ways in which Bees are important to our lives. This zine is a benefit zine with each sale being donated to The Bee Cause. We're going to save these goddamn bees.


Prism - Caitlin Nunes in 35mm

"I live in extremes, absolutes. Highs and lows. Before now, I feared my work reflected that. This zine developed from an introspection into my own photographs. I hoped to find something more than black and white stills caught on two opposite ends of a spectrum.

What I found was color. I’ve been shooting light through a prism."

-Caitlin Nunes


Instagram: @caitlindoesnt


Night Hag - Rayne Klar

Night Hag is a queer, witchy, nightmare romance comic by Rayne Klar that follows a non-binary cutie as they try stop their nightmares and confront the entity keeping them up at night. Rayne's art is truly spell-binding and puts you at ease as it leads you into the dark dreams the Night Hag walks. 

Rayne is a comic artist and illustrator based in Michigan. 


Twitter: @smallsmallwitch

Instagram: @smallsmallwitch

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Vamps - Amelia Rose

Vamps is the first zine from Amelia Rose. It features illustrations and infographics based on famous vampires from TV, film and video games. These pieces puncture, showcasing the lines and inks Amelia has so delicately and confidently pressed on the paper. 

Amelia is a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles.


Instagram: @ameliarosetattoo


Wavy - Ellie Fisher

Wavy is a zine where hip hop and anime clash. Pieces such as Super Saiyan Lil Uzi Vert follow meaningful comics and other illustrations with a foothold in both anime and rap culture. Ellie's paintings are reverent and intimate, created through a lens in which both these subjects exist alongside each other.

Ellie is a comic artists and illustrator based in Chicago.


Twitter: @elleQfisher

Instagram: @elleqfisher


Shitty Watchmen

Shitty Watchmen is a formalist exercise analyzing the language of comics as utilized by Alan Moore and, more importantly, Dave Gibbons. Created by Dave Baker, Nicole Goux, Rachel Dukes, Malachi Ward, Nick Diaz, Emilie Vo, Sam Ancona, Chuck Kerr, Colby Bluth, Robert Negrete, and Sabrina Deigert, Shitty Watchmen seeks to scrutinize the masterful use of composition and panel breakdown within the most undeniably complex comic book ever created. The means by which these staggering artistic achievements are deconstructed? Super shitty drawings. 


Free Period - Two Moon Co

A zine by Dakotah Wens and Mallory Ballard (Two Moon Co) empowering women and their periods. It's thoughtful, informative and full of humor in the way only these two artists can bring to the page. Proceeds go towards benefiting homeless women's hygiene in Houston, Texas. 

Two Moon Co is based out of Houston, Texas.

Instagram: @twomoonco



Anti-Hate is our first zine and also a reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election. This zine includes two comics from Mady G and Erika Sjule and an illustration from Ellie Fisher. Each piece reflects on the election, all created through different lenses of emotion and vulnerability. We are proud of it and grateful for the artists who contributed to it.

Mady G:


Erika Sjule 


Ellie Fisher